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Staff Survey Invite Templates

A critical aspect of any staff survey is the content of the invite sent to staff. Get that wrong, and the many hours of work spent preparing the questionnaire can go to waste. Staff survey invites need to include important information such as the reason for the survey, the confidentiality of results, what Management intends to do with the data, and why it's important for staff to participate. Essential instructional data such as survey close dates, and how to access the survey should also be included. Below are a couple of best practice templates to help get you started.

Staff Survey Invite Templates


Invite Example One:


<Our ref:>

Dear colleague

Employee survey

I am pleased to tell you that we are running an employee survey to gather our employees' views about working for us. We are committed to working towards improving any areas which the survey highlights as potential sources of dissatisfaction, whilst building on the things we do well.

The success of the survey depends on your contribution and it is therefore important to be honest in your answers and to provide comments which you feel may be helpful.

The results from the survey will be shared with you and your views will be sought in developing a plan to improve the areas highlighted.

Please would you complete the attached questionnaire and forward it to <name:>
at <address:> before <date:>.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Yours sincerely

<Job title:>

Invite source: Business HR

Invite Example Two:

Good morning!

I am very pleased to introduce the < company name> Organizational Culture Survey.

The purpose of this survey is to obtain your opinions about the way < company name> operates. We are entering a new phase in our company history and I feel it would be appropriate to understand your perceptions of our company at this time. The survey measures opinions and perceptions. There are no right or wrong responses. The information will be used to assist us in planning for our future; specifically, in the way we manage our business and build relationships not only with ourselves and our employees, but also with our customers and suppliers.

The survey consists of a number of questions and will take approximately 20-30 minutes for you to complete. All individual responses will be kept strictly confidential. No individual results will be provided either to me or to the company. Results will only be shown where there are at least three or more respondents.

The < company name> Organizational Culture Survey is designed to measure the underlying beliefs, values and assumptions help by employees of a company, and the practices and behaviors that exemplify and reinforce them. The survey focuses on aspects of an organization's culture that have a direct link to business performance.

Please click on the link that follows and fill in your answers to the 60 questions and submit them electronically by no later than Wednesday December 17th at 5:00 PM. Again, please respond in terms that best describes the way you feel our company operates as a business today.


I will communicate the results of the survey during the week of January 5th and importantly, with your input, develop an action plan to address the key issues by no later than February 1st.

Thank you in advance for participating and helping < company name> continue to grow.


Invite source: Denison Consulting

Invite Example Three:

E-mail Subject Line: Annual [company name] Staff Satisfaction Survey - Tell Us What you Really Think!

Dear First name,

As you are a valued staff member here at [company name], we would like to ensure that you are satisfied with your working environment. To this end, [company name] wishes to invite you to participate in the first of what we hope to be an annual Staff Satisfaction Survey.

The survey will entail a series of multiple choice questions, regarding the workplace and your role here at [company name]. Please take the time to answer these questions carefully and honestly, as it is only with your help that we can create a happier and safer workplace for all staff. Your responses will highlight aspects with which you are satisfied and also those where there is room for improvement.

Please be assured that all responses will be treated in the strictest of confidence and all of your responses will remain completely anonymous and analysed collectively.

Whilst completion of the Staff Satisfaction Survey is not compulsory, we do encourage all of you to participate - we want all of your voices heard! There will also be a prize for one person that completes the survey on time - they will receive a weekend for two at The Sebel Pier One, Sydney, complete with dinner and a show at the Belvoir Theatre!

So let's get the ball rolling and get those voices heard. If you could please take the time to complete the survey and ensure your responses have been submitted as soon as possible and no later than close of business, next Friday 19th December, 2008.

To complete survey, simply click on the following link and follow the prompts.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further queries or should you require any assistance in completing the survey.

Many thanks,

[ full name ]
HR Manager

Invite source: PeoplePulse Surveys - Australian survey software for HR professionals.

Bonus Invite Tips:

Tips to improve the open rate of your email:

  • Make your From Name recognizable by including your company name, or the name of an individual.
  • Keep subject lines short- 35 characters or less.
  • Subject lines should avoid words that trigger spam filters such as "important message" and "free". Also avoid using all caps, exclamation points, or dollar signs.
  • Send no more than one survey a week to each respondent.
  • Create attractive messages - format the text or include images. Email programs such as Outlook allow recipients to preview the email before opening it. Attractive emails are more likely to be opened.

Tips to increase the click rate on your survey link:

  • Include personal information, such as recipient’s name, when possible.
  • Thank the recipient for their participation.
  • Mention the purpose of the survey.
  • Tell invitation recipients how the survey will benefit them. For example, will you use the data you are collecting to improve your service to them?
  • Indicate how long the survey will take. You can estimate that 5 closed-ended questions take one minute, and 2 open-ended questions take one minute. Send the survey to colleagues or peers to test the time it takes to complete the survey.
  • Provide information about the incentive if you are offering one.
  • Assure confidentiality of responses.
Source: Zoomerang

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